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KeyShot webinar

We now know that keyshot will support native Solid Edge files….

So for those who would like to make this tool part of their toolbox, a webinar will be held on October 20

To register click the link below.

What it’s About: In this webinar, we will show KeyShot 2.1, and how to turn a simple CAD model into an amazing “shot” … in a matter of seconds. He will show off the latest developments including: (1) extreme easy of use, (2) superfast realtime raytracing, (3) scientifically accurate materials, (4) realtime subsurface light scattering, (5) realtime rendering effects utilizing the GPU, (6) working with large datasets, (6) and much more. Forget what you know about rendering or think you know about rendering. It all changes with KeyShot.

Who is Presenting: Jeff McCartney is Digital Media Artist at Luxion. He is responsible for the KeyShot’s UI direction, testing and support, as well as any creative tasks in the company’s daily business. Creative tasks may involve graphic design, building tutorials, delivering CG service work etc. Despite his young age, Jeff has extensive experience in using professional rendering and animation software, along with using various tools for post processing.

Where to Get Product Info: Visit KeyShot on the Novedge website.

Who Should Attend: Industrial Designers, 3D Artists, Mechanical Designers, and Architects.

Webinar is Free but Space is Limited!
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:



15 October 2010 - Posted by | Rendering

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