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Siememens PLM Productivity Summit PowerPoint

Near 300 slides of PowerPoint presentation about Solid Edge, hours of fun to put on your bedside table 🙂

Solid Edge ST3 is about to be announce officially, everything seem to point to mid October

For those who participate at the User Summit, we have the chance to see some preview during the Dans Staples keynote

A brief review was post on this blog to give you the taste of it.

Ken Grundey who is on the beta program made a nice review in four parts base on the keynote presentation.

Solid Edge ST3 – Part 1 of 4

Solid Edge ST3 – Part 2 of 4 – Part, Sheet Metal, …

Solid Edge ST3 – Post 3 of 4

Solid Edge ST3 – Post 4 of 4

During the month of September, a series of seminars were held in different regions of North America. One of the biggest crowd was the one in Quebec nearly one hundred persons. Big thanks to those who attend and for those who prepare a bigger one

To make you wait few more weeks, because not everyone one could be present, Siemens PLM Software have made the PowerPoint presentations of the productivity tour available.

2010-Productivity Summit – Solid Edge Strategy

2010 Productivity Summit – Part

2010 Productivity Summit – Sheet Metal

2010 Productivity Summit – Pattern

2010 Productivity Summit – Assembly

2010 Productivity Summit – Draft

SEwST open our mind and free your design

2010 Productivity Summit – Tips and Tricks from demo.

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