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Solid Edge students take the state!

Two 1st place finishes in the Alabama SkillsUSA Technical Drafting Competition highlight the strength of Solid Edge modeling. One went on to win the national championship!

Extract from the PLM Knowledge 21 Newsletter, to read the original document visit PLM Knowledge 21 Newsletter

Students from two North Alabama schools used Solid Edge® modeling software to produce the best models and drawing sheet in the Alabama SkillsUSA Technical Drafting Contest. Isaac Wasilefsky, a senior from Huntsville Center of Technology, placed first in the Secondary School Division and Heath Hunter, a student at Calhoun Community College, placed first in the Post Secondary Division. Both students will represent Alabama at the next level and compete in the National SkillsUSA contest in Kansas City. Both Isaac and Heath use Solid Edge in their classes and enjoy working with the product. Last year, Isaac placed second nationally at SkillsUSA and hopes to bring home the first place prize this year. This year’s design challenge was to redesign a component of a console lock for a 2011 Honda vehicle. The students first had to create a 3D model of the slider cover and apply the design change to all snap areas of the part. The students then had to create a B size drawing of the slider cover with the design change. The drawing had to contain enough detail as to be easily understood by the tool makers.

Huntsville Center for Technology students have taken the top Technical Drafting prize at Alabama SkillsUSA four out of the last five years. Mike Evans, Drafting Instructor, is proud of the caliber of his students and says that Solid Edge is a contributing factor to the school’s success in this area. “Students have an advantage when they have powerful, yet easy-to-use tools that can help them design and produce drawings faster than their peers.” Laura Quigley, another Calhoun Community College student, placed first in the category of Job Skills Demonstration A. For thiscompetition, students had 5-7 minutes to demonstrate a technical skill to a panel of judges. Using Solid Edge, Laura chose to build a simple part consisting of protrusions and cutouts. She explained how easily material could be added and subtractedfrom the part. Laura chose Solid Edge for the product’s ease of use and she sees it as a very helpful tool for co-workers in her field. Laura will also represent Alabama at Nationals SkillsUSA and will have Solid Edge software to support her efforts.

Extract from the PLM Knowledge 21 Newsletter, to read the original document visit PLM Knowledge 21 Newsletter


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