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ST3 undress itself a little bit more.

Presentation of few enhancements of ST3, made my Dan Staples took about 2 hours. It will not be that easy to report all of this in details.

Note those are only a brief overview of new features in ST3.

Note that SEwST3 just start the beta program phase. Few lucky beta customers have or will make a first contact over the next weeks with ST3 in the Siemens office.

Info in this post may change or be modifying, when the final product will be delivered, it is planned to ship the software around October.

Some pictures in this post are mock-up made from ST2 by Solid DNA to help represent some concepts.

Happy Reading


Bob the orange color seem to still have it placeJ

One goal of this release was to make changes to the interface, so users could get back some of the features present in the previous version of Solid Edge.

Interface – Ribbon

As seen in a previous article, users will have full control on the Ribbon.

  • Creation of Tabs
  • Creation of Groups
  • Add commands
  • With or without text
  • Small or large icons
  • And so forth.…

Each Ribbon configuration will be saved and exported to and XML files type.

Each Ribbon configurations can be accessed from a pull-down menu. It will then be easier to change the interface layout base on the task you need to accomplish.

The XML file allows easy transfer from PC to PC has between versions.

One small addition, new commands, should be highlighting in bold to make easier to found them when migrating to a newer version.

Interface – Pathfinder

For the Win7 users, the Pathfinder can be display using a transparent background. This reinforce the sensation of working full screen.

Interface – Live Rules

The same concept is applied to the Live Rules panel. Instead of having a panel on the left, Live Rules are displayed at the bottom of the screen using a transparent or semi transparent background.

It seems that we will be able to move the display of Live Rule anywhere on the screen.


Interface – Smart Ribbon

The horizontal Smart Ribbon returns to service.

When you activated a command, steps of that command will be displayed at the top of the working area. By default, it will be centered, but you may drag it to the left or right.

The transparent or semi transparent background, allow more information to be displayed on the screen. Note that Live Rules and the horizontal Smart Ribbon will be displayed only when needed.


Interface – Radial menu
A new radial menu makes its debut. This first version allows users to define 16 commands inside a circle.

To open the radial menu, use a mouse gesture. Click and maintain the right mouse button then drag.

ED: For this version, mouse gesture may not be fully implemented; existing software solutions on the market allow implementation of mouse gesture.

Solid Edge mouse gesture

Sheet Metal

Even if this preview did not unveiled a lot about the sheet metal, I am sure the development team has made a good job to continue the deployment of the synchronous technology inside the sheet metal environment.

Sheet Metal – Corner treatment

New options to treat corners:

  • Square
  • U
  • V
  • And so forth.…

Sheet Metal – Add Tab in the unfold state

You can now add a tab to the unfold state.

Sheet metal – Transfer PMI to JT

PMI info add to the unfold can be transfer to a JT file.


Part – Inter-part relations

A new panel will be available in the EdgeBar. The new panel (Link) is an update of the inter-Part Manager.

It allows users to see part dependencies with more details on the type of the link.

You will also be able to see inter-part links at the bottom of the Pathfinder, along with the assembly relationships.

Base on what I have understood it, if you open a part out of its context, inter-part links will be displayed.

You will be able to Freeze and Thaw those inter-part relations.


Assembly – Welding

New algorithm to expand the creation of weld beads.

Assembly – Display configuration

A major update was made on the display configurations.

We have now a table similar to the properties manager to manage display configurations in batch.

Display configurations adopt the check box concept for activation. You can now combine multiple display configurations (Config A+B+C)

A new snap shoot mode will capture a temporary configuration.

ED: Base on how i understand it, you work in an assembly, you hide some parts to help you in your design. You then hit the snap shoot button to create a display configuration.

Each “snap shoot “overwrite the previous one has only one snap shoot configuration can exit at the time.

When you have completed your work, uncheck the snap shoot mode, and you will have the previous display configuration.

If need, this snap shoot can be saved under a regular display configuration.

If you add a part to the assembly, this part will be marked in the table. You will then be able to specify in which configuration the new part should be included or use the button “add to all” to add the part to all configurations.

When a new display configuration is select, the model is automatically fit inside the working area.

Assembly – Frame and piping

  • New controls to select the frame origin.
  • Cross sections use in a frame will be associative to the cross section library.
    • If any changes occur, they will be propagating in the design.
  • A new complex intersection manager, will allow users to give priority to a members.
    • Colinear or tangent lines management.
  • New option to adjust piping component
    • Rotation of pipe fitting.
  • In some place, we can allow some deviation, when creating a piping route or installing fittings. Example, we may need to have some loose on the angle for a 90 deg elbow.

New options in the BOM will allow users to regroup frame members even if the topology has some variation.

Here part A B C can be recognize as three identical parts.


Draft – Print

New utility tool to print multiple pages. This new print utility tool has its own properties window.

It allows pages with a smaller format to be print on a larger one.

New dimension tool for the free Solid Edge Free 2D product. This new tool is derivate from the Smart Dimension command. It allows measure to be taken on a draft view of a 3D model, but will not create the dimension. This tool is intended primarily for shop floor personnel who need to inspect drawings to valid dimensions.

A long waiting new feature for few customers, a dedicated set of options oriented to apply multiple dimensions found under the call out command.

The call out command already support the extraction of the information relate to hole, bend and allow the insertion of special font characters.

One situation where the multiple dimensions can be most useful, is when you need to dimension counter bore holes and you need a separate set of dimensions for the counter bore and the hole including separate tolerance.

The call out should support the addition of the tolerances and limits to the extract dimensions.

For those who need to produce draft in multiple languages, it will be possible to place notes in several languages.

Last minutes…. (Subject to be revised)

In a Synchronous Technology presentation few phrases has catch my attention.

  • Locking multiple dimensions in batch
  • Add the extrude dimension when extrude a region
  • When we create a dimension (modify) and lock the dimension at the creation time.
  • Used of the silhouette points to apply dimensions.

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Update 2010-07-07:

I have done my best to give you mockup pictures so you can get a better idea, but check out Ken Grundey Blog, he has pictures of the real thing,

6 July 2010 - Posted by | plmconx, ST3

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  1. “The same concept is applied to the Live Rules panel. Instead of having a panel on the left, Live Rules are displayed at the bottom of the screen using a transparent or semi transparent background.

    It seems that we will be able to move the display of Live Rule anywhere on the screen.”

    Very nice!

    I love this UI enhancement!

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

    Comment by Jon Banquer | 6 July 2010 | Reply

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