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Solid Edge user conference US Regional and Québec :-)

Folks at Siemens from the Velocity group are planning user conference for the Solid Edge product.

Il y as même une réunion de prévue pour le Québec si vous êtes intéressé envoyé moi un courriel à, avec dans le sujet “conférence des utilisateurs Solid Edge”

Version Francophone



Preliminary agenda goes like this / l’agenda préliminaire:

• Solid Edge Vision and Direction

• Local Solid Edge Customer Success Presentation (here is where YOU can help. If you would like to present see the email at the bottom to show your interest)

• No beating around the bush – Synchronous Modeling in Solid Edge

• So Many instances, so little time – Patterning in Solid Edge

• Rub Elbows with Peers – Networking Lunch and Breaks

• How to succeed in Sheet Metal Modeling without even trying – Synchronous Sheet Metal Modeling

• See for yourself what separated the men from the boys – Best Practices in Solid Edge Drafting

• Job Security Alert: What Experienced Solid Edge users don’t want you to know – Regional Tips and Tricks from local Solid Edge Engineer

• All over the Map (in a productive way) – Solid Edge Assemblies

• Lets Mix it up a little Traditional & Synchronous

• Have an Ace up your sleeve? – Tips and Tricks in Solid Edge along with Déjà Vu, things that looked good in a demo that you might not have implemented


• Increase your productivity and the value you deliver to your company

• Pick up dozens of Solid Edge design tips

• Dig into Solid Edge features you may not have had time to explore

• Network and share design processes with fellow Solid Edge users from your area

• Broaden your contacts with suppliers and potential new customers


Here some propose date,  We look to have as many people as possible, so if you have better date to propose to match your calendar, please send an email using the one at the bottom.

***** Update  2010-07-08 *****

Visit  Events and Webinars for the offcial date and registration

Who knew may be two conferences could be plan in the same region if enough people show their interest.

More details including web registration will follow over the next week. In the meantime, if you have questions please feel free to contact

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