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Solid Edge ST3 – Preview

First teaser available for Solid Edge ST3 It show the possibility to customize the Ribbon

Contextual menu of the Ribbon get new options:

  • Customize the Ribbon
  • Ribbon Themes



Ribbon Customization 

Before ST3 we add no options to customize the Ribbon , only the Quick Access ToolBar and the keyboard shortcuts could be customized.

clip_image007[4]   clip_image005[4]    clip_image009[4]

Following customers demands, the customize window now have multiple options.


Ribbon Customization – Per working environment 


At the top of the window, a menu provides access to the environment we want personalized, environments that should be available:

Synchronous Mode:

  • Part
  • Sheet Metal
  • Assembly

Traditional Mode:

  • Part
  • Sheet Metal
  • Assembly

Common environment

  • Draft
  • Simulation


Ribbon Customization – Better access to commands 


It will be easier to see at a glance all the commands that can be added. A folder type layout, organizes commands hierarchically.

A drop down menu at the top, will filter the list


Ribbon Customization – Buttons  

clip_image017[4] clip_image019[4]

Between the left and right panel, a series of commands add to the flexibility of customization

Add and Remove buttons, allow the transfer between panels

New Tab and New group, allow the creation of a new organization space on the Ribbon You can also Rename them

The usual Up and Down to reorder commands.

The  Separator  is when it comes time to customize the Quick Access Toolbar, who is organized in a linear way


Ribbon Customization – Themes  


New customized options, allow management by Theme, it is then possible to consider one environment per workflow



Ribbon Customization – Contextual menu  


Panel on the right help better see how commands are organized. Each entries has a contextual menu Note the controls to change the size of the icons and to display text

A submenu seem to be available, perhaps from this menu we will be allow to customize the icon associate to a macro


Ribbon Customization – Selection of themes 


To select a theme, simply use the contextual menu of the Ribbon, a cascading menu will be available to select a theme.


Ribbon Customization – Radial Menu 

For those who did not see it, an additional tab seem to be available for what it seem the adoption of a radial menu. Could we think about the possibility to replace the Ribbon with that type of interface? We will have to wait for the month of May, usually new releases are present at the PLM World Conference



I hope you enjoyed this first preview of what is coming for the next release that is being work out.

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