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Rename a part in the context of an active assembly

 A question ask  recently:

I work in an assembly and I need to rename a file?  How todo it  without closing my active project?


Initially, I recommend to activate  your project to make sure that the math portion of your parts and sub-assemblies are loaded into the memory. It may be possible, to only activate the branch that contains the assembly member that need to be rename.

Once the activation is done, save your project. This way we  make sure we have an uptodate project.

Select the assembly member that need to be renamed and deactivate it..

Once you have deactivate the assembly member, go to the library tab, click in the view section, where the files are display and use the shortcut “CTRL +. ”


Using “CTRL +.” Allows you to display the directory of the top assembly.

Browse and select the file to be renamed. Right mouse click on it to open the contextual menu.


  Select Rename and enter the new filename.

Once the file is renamed, from the Pathfinder tab, perform the replace action to replace the old filename  with the new one.


Validate that the replacement is made correctly, by activating the new assembly member. If everything is correct, save your project again.

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