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  1. Over the years, the SE developers have added many tools for surfacing and part models in general that benefit the mould making guys, but the sheet metal boys haven’t been so fortunate. I’m talking about from around V5 to V19. Has there been any ground breaking sheet metal tools added in the ST Versions?

    Comment by Byron | 8 January 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Byron

      Sheet metal has been synchonize (ST2), in itself this is a big step forward.

      More things will be add in the future, what have you in mind about ground breaking feature for sheet metal?

      You mention surface modeling, this is a another area that will be synch in the next future releases. If we look at what NX have shown for their 7.5 release, i think we can expect something very interesting for SE.

      Synchronous Technology is still being deploy. Has this technology spread in all corners of the software, i believe we will see new features emerge.

      ST1 Was to introduce the technology and it bring lots of new stuff for part modeling.

      ST2 We have seen the sheet metal being synchrononize and part modeling features get refine.

      ST3 Users ask for interface update and we have seen the version 1.0 of the unify architecture. Part modeling continue to evolve same has the sheetmetal and few assembly feature were update and introduce. I probably forget lots of other stuff. Read the introduction to What’s new ST3

      ST4 ……if we speculate, part modeling feature will mature a little bit more ( like procedural feature taking more space), Sheet metal will probably get more stuff synchonize, I expect to see surface being synchronoize and probably a version 2.0 of the unify architecture, let’s not forget about all the assembly modules that can benefit from being synchronize.

      Comment by solidadn | 8 January 2011 | Reply

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