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Face style broken links

From time to time or after few years of creating CAD design, you decide do make some cleaning. Worst case scenario the network guy ( you know the one we always blame for our CAD problems or for the network to be too slow) decide to remount the network to place thing in a better logical way or simply to install a new server.

So being sure those files are not important we erase them or move them in another location and with time we lost track of those files. Has time pass again we rediscover those files “Hey those are old project files, don’ need them anymore…..Delete”

This lead to what is commonly known has broken link. Those broken links  are hard on any CAD system because they slow down the process of resolving links. ( network guy is not always the source of network problem)

If you feel that one of your project start having hard time being open and you check to make sure all files where found, you probably will not think about face style. How face style could be link to poor CAD performance.

One of those broken links situations are due to  face style who lost track of the picture they where associate.

Francesco  recently face this problem. Assembly who took usually 5-10 seconds to open is now taking 30 if not 50 seconds and more to open.  And at some point it seem that everything was stalling waiting for……… no apparent reasons.

After investigating,  problem was trace back to face style broken links.

In order to make Solid Edge community resolve this potential problem Francesco wrote a small program to help trace  “face style broken links”. You can download this program “Face style broken link repair

How it works:
– Launch the tool
– Select the assembly file you want to examine
– After a while you will see a grid populated in order with: File name, Style name, Texture file, Bump map file
– Broken links are highlighted in RED
– Click the cell with the link you want to change and select the new image file.

It is in a very beta stage now, so any further improvement suggestions are appreciated use the request form at the top right corner.

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