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Favorite Keyboard shortcuts

Screen size increase and multiply, it is not rare to see people using two monitors.  Since screen area increase, the use of keyboard shortcuts become more obvious.

Creating keyboard shortcuts are part of the best practices to adopt.

Unlike the default keyboard navigation of the fluent interface, where you press (click) the ALT key once. Keeping the ALT press will allow you to use key combination.

Here few of my favotites that I use from time to time.

ALT + L for Line
ALT + X for rectangle
ALT + 0 for Circle
ALT+ 1 for Arc tangent

ALT + C for Connect
ALT + H for Horizontal/Vertical
ALT + T for Tangent
ALT + P for Parallel
ALT + = for Equal
ALT + O for Concentric
ALT + 7 for Perpendicular
ALT + – for Colinear

ALT + D for Smart dimensions

ALT + F for Look at face
ALT + R for rotate

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