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Training options for Solid Edge users

Is this title tellig you something? If the answer is yes you probably not need to read further. Anyone else please follows the link. 

This is the title of a article publish at

Who is connectpress, well is is a company who offer distinct communities on the web.

  • Technology Communities
  • Environment and infrastructure
  • Education Communities

One of them touch the Siemens family product. Not a member yet, join for free.


Some of the articles found are written by actual Solid Edge users. Does the name Miroslav Mitrovic tell you something…?  It should; it was one, if not the first to buy Solid Edge in Canada. On few occasions he has written articles for the community, he also answer few Q&A.

Using the Reference Planes Could Save You Time!

UGS Names Solid Edge Design Contest Winners

Need more info visit Miroslav web site in the industrial link on the right.

And finally thanks’ to Lauren Browne, ConnectPress Editor who write this article about Solid Edge training possibilities.


Almost forget……

Interested in the post title article.   Training Options for Solid Edge User

 Have a nice weekend, for those who starts the summer vacation have a good one and come back to us re-energize. Autumn should provide us many good surprises under ST2.


PS. I might be quiet  has i  will update the french version of my blog to catch up on few articles translation

 Good summer to all

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