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Update percentage of the poll

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Favorite Keyboard shortcuts

Screen size increase and multiply, it is not rare to see people using two monitors.  Since screen area increase, the use of keyboard shortcuts become more obvious.

Creating keyboard shortcuts are part of the best practices to adopt.

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Solid edge reference

On this page you will found links propose par Solid Edge users, if you have a link you would like to add, send me a mail or use the request page.

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Synchronous Technology used for Analysis and Optimization

No need to add more text simply follow the link

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Dave’s Question

Dave have a three parts assembly he receive and ask what are his options when it come time to assemble those three parts.

See answer in the Tutorial section:

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Training options for Solid Edge users

Is this title tellig you something? If the answer is yes you probably not need to read further. Anyone else please follows the link. 

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New tutorial file

Hi all

Look in the tutorials section.  I upload a tutorial about basic part creation under ST. I also answer a question how to move part body around the Base Coordinate System.

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SEwST 2 keynote detail – hole alignment

This next article highlight one of the command see at PLM world, Hole alignment. This command came from a workflow develop under ST1 that make its way into a single command for ST2

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