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SEwST 2 keynote detail – Live Rules

Live Rules panel

Hi everyone new information on what’s new for ST2

For many who initiate themselves to ST one of the biggest challenge was to master the use of Live Rules.


Give the system the ability to recognize relations is not something natural from a traditional point of view. Especially when users do not have to define those relations.

Talk with those who struggle with the sketch in a 2D profile, then ask them to have trust in the system when design in 3D, you ask them to have a lot of faith in the system.

So Live Rules implement few new tricks.

The first one, the advance panel is not anymore hide under a keyboard shortcut CTRL+E. It is now a tab at the top of Live Rules much more visible and accessible. Did not try, but CTRL+E maybe still available to access.

Live rules

Those who have work with ST1 have see three new buttons at the top

  • Pause/play
  • accept
  • Cancel

Pause/play freeze the action of Live Rules in space and time. Giving you the opportunity to look at the changes base on active rules

Pause live rules 1 Pause live rules 2

Surface in green, is the one you try to move, all other surfaces in blue are detect thru Live rules.

On the left the green surface is push down.

On the right the cyclindrical surface is move in a plane and orthogonal to base is deactivate.

When pause, you can turn the model, zoom in/out pan etc…

Did not have time to try and see if while in pause i can change the Live Rules and update the freeze state. ( anyone who not have the hands tight with beta rules can comment Dan may be?).

Accept and cancel are relate to the options you set in the advance panel, did not try them so nothing to say at this time.

Has you have see, Live Rules is now base more on icon layout then text.


In the symmetric section, the local symmetric icon have been move from the advance to the Live Rules front panel. Remember that we have now the possibility define persistent symmetry event in those location that are offset from the base coordinate system.

Advance panel

In the advance pannel you have the choice or two type of view

On the left the regular tree view ON

On the right  tree view OFF

live rules advance 1      live rules advance 2 

Live Rules advance allow you to personalize the the list of detect relations

 A new set of color and Bold text is also implement

Well this give you a small introduction of what is comming, remember beta testing phase is not yet complete. All information is base on what was available at PLM Wolrd.

For those who wait  to see the official what’s new you should have attend the PLM World and play with the available station, another reason to book your time .

Has for next years unless things change:

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2009
Nashville, TN
Monday, June 1 – Thursday June 4, 2009

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2010
Nashville, TN
Monday, May 24 – Thursday May 27, 2010

The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino  

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2011

Las Vegas, NV
Monday May 2- Thursday May 5, 2011

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2012

Las Vegas, NV
Monday May 7, 2012- Thursday May 10, 2012

The offcial page:

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  1. Thanks for posting the future dates of the PLM World conference. That’s the first time I’ve seen them published.

    Comment by icconian | 25 June 2009 | Reply

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