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SEwST 2 keynote detail-Pattern

Has I mention ST 2 is not only about big announcement, FEA, sheet metal etc… it is also in small details. Those who did not work with ST1 will not be able to measure the difference.

One of those small or medium details should i say, are enhancement to pattern feature.

First from what i saw we could say the pattern is consider a procedural feature

Second the rectangle pattern workflow has change to stay in the philosophy of procedural feature.

  • You select  what’s need to be pattern, in  most of the case it is a hole.
  • You select a planar surface that will position the pattern in space. ( In case of a hole, it will be the same plane use to create the hole)

A pattern preview base on the surface select will be present to you. HUD (Head Up Display) will display various information’s to help you tweak the pattern, along with the floating toolbar that contain some of the basic information’s for the pattern.

Use the new clock steering wheel to position and orient the pattern or the seed element (hole).

Same for circular pattern, place the first instance of the pattern, then select a circular edge/surface to locate the center of the circular pattern. Even if the circular edge/surface that serve has a reference is consume by the pattern, pattern will stay healthy.

Regular pattern does not need anymore any 2D reference to be build

Fill Pattern

Pattern family receive a new member, the “Fill¨pattern” . Three behavior are available.

  • Rectangular
  • Stagger
  • Radial

fill pattern

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