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PLM connection 2009

For those who wonder if attend the even worth it, i would say yes.

Some peoples will argue that i will provide free information on my blog about the next release so why going there.

First some information i provide may be related to something see at the user conference, most of those who did not attend would not be able to relate this information  to something.

Second peoples will ask questions on new features, i do not have all the answers. Attend the conference give you access to those who write the code. Some minor correction could also be done at the beta stage. Or ask new stuff for ST3, you will be there to justify your demand and demonstrate your point.

Third it will give you the possibility to plan the implementation of the next release, of course for smaller company the impact is less then a company with hundred of seats. But planning and managing is the key to success. Proactive company get more success then those who are re-active.

Fourth networking, who in those wrought times could refuse the opportunity to meet potential customers or suppliers.  I saw many active discussion and some report going out for a business lunch.

User presentation, if your a passive person who seat there and watch you will probably miss a lot of information’s, but if you pay good attention and get involve in the presentation you will understand that good and valuable information are available. One of the presentation i love was the one before mine from Brian Hara of Industrial Control.

You also see how the world is small, I had the chance to make contact  after 15 years with a classmate. He is on the west coast while i am on the east coast.

Has a blogger i had the chance to speak with one or two readers.

At breakfast I had a discussion with someone who the might before end in a small bar with one of the best jamming session he have heard. You should have see he’s eyes when speaking  about it. It was like a revelation for him.

Last, you may give the excuse it cost 2000 or so… unless i am wrong, company have tax deduction when doing their tax report so the real price would probably less….. let say we divide this in half.

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