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Christmas late delivery

Hi everyone, sorry if i made my self quiet. I got life beside the blog…

My Christmas delivery boy report lot of traffic lately.


So I cook you a nice interactive tutorial.

For those who do not have SEwST install, this will be your first contact has real has it can get witout installing the software.

For SEwST customers who do not have installed yet, this will be a nice introduction.

For the early adopters and those who still believe that they can learn by them self, this will be another step in the good direction.

Those are not intend to replace a real trainning session.

So click the link to download the file.


Change the extension for .exe, when execute it will unzip three files inside a Solid DNA folder. Each of the file are standalone simply execute and follow the instruction. First tutorial should launch after unzip is finish.

Comment or use the request page …….

Happy New Year

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