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Freeze Design

Two things that make peoples upset with linear modeling, in the parent/child dependency.

  • The first one… There is not real function to freeze a portion of the design why freezing?
  • Second one… Prevent recalculation

Synchronous Technology help overcome this in his first release and things are looking good for the future when understand the whole concept of synchronous.


There is no need to extend on this one many examples exist on the web

Here one…

Synchronous Technology performance

Freeze design.

This get interesting how SEwST can help designers in this field?

If you follow me from the beginning you probably remember when I write about geometric tolerance. One of them  help ground select faces to prevent them to be modify.

User define set.

This one will not help freeze design but could be a in between solution.

So let take a look at this brief video.

21 October 2008 Posted by | Part modeling, Synchronous Technology | | 2 Comments


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