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Little thing to know and request

Watching how people work with SE I found many entering dimension, then hit ENTER. In many case this will close the capture box.

I have mentioned in another post SE has some agronomy build in.

If you place the left hand on the keyboard (bottom left corner) middle finger and index can reach the TAB key.

So when entering value in a box hit TAB key instead of ENTER. Value will be applied and if you need to evaluate another value you could simple type again.

Not all boxes allow this because some has many options and TAB help circulate around them.

Can we enhance this….. and add this has a request?

Decide witch key accept value – F2 would be a nice choice has it is use in many other’s applications to edit field OR allow both (F2/TAB) when only one field I available either one of them will be fine, if more then one options is available using F2 to accept without changing the field would be nice.

Witch one allows circulation – Continue to use TAB

Witches accept and close the box. – continue to use ENTER.

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